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Aurélia Naccache was born in Paris in 1966 and lives in Rueil-Malmaison near Paris. 

She grew up in an artistic family and first appeared on stage at age ten, playing Cosette in Les Miserables alongside Jean Marais, before specializing in dubbing.
Between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four, in addition to her dubbing job, Aurélia studied art history, posed regularly for the painter François-Marie Anthonioz, and learned to draw in many life-drawing classes in Paris. She also learned about various techniques, including old painting techniques with Mr Pincas at the Fine Arts School of Paris and engraving at the Ecole Duperré.
In 2006, she joined the workshop of the painter and engraver Istvan Peto and studied photography at the Fine Arts School of Rueil-Malmaison.
Now painting is central to her work. Aurélia paints with acrylic and oil, and does engraving (monotype, etching, drypoint, wood engraving).
The human figure, the body, women and their representation in art especially inspire her. Her characters often face the spectator in order to establish a frontal point of view, sometimes slip into contemplation, sleep or desire, or suggest a movement, an outstanding gesture. The composition is achieved by the colour which stabilizes the construction and gives the human figure, by contrast, a character of apparition. Through the modeling and transparency, the full and incomplete, the bodies fuse perception and imagination.
Human figuration is very present in her painting but the question of figuration does not arise. Indeed, today, figuration is no longer in opposition to abstraction, painting is above all a commitment, a commitment of the mind but also of the body.


2018 Les 7 Parnassiens Gallery, Paris

2016 Les 7 Parnassiens Gallery, Paris 

2014 Les 7 Parnassiens Gallery, Paris 

2013 Les 7 Parnassiens Gallery, Paris

2011 Chapel of Le Guerric, Ile aux Moines 

1998 Art school of Rueil-Malmaison 


2019 L’art dans les librairies (Art in bookstores), Dédicace bookstore, Rueil-Malmaison 

2012 Villa des Tourelles Gallery, Nanterre 

2001 Villa des Tourelles Gallery, Nanterre


AS Aurélia Bruno

Lisa's and Milhouse's french voices in Les Simpson

Dubbing of several Walt Disneys

French voices of Reese Witherspoon in American Psycho, Neve Campbell in Sexcrimes, Kate Winslet in Heavenly Creatures, Juliette Lewis in Cape fear and many others…


Video about feminine body and emotions, in co-authorship

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